How to Meditate in Seven Simple Steps

By Chauna Krauss “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” -Prince Gautama Siddharta Meditation is necessary to balance the intellectual portion of your being and to bring a sense of peace to your mind. It acts as a remedy that relieves everyday stress and symptoms of anxiety, anger, and depression. It should be... Continue Reading →

Learn More about Landing the Perfect Internship

By Marguerite Linz Are you currently looking for a way to boost your resume and gain experience while receiving class credits? Internships are helpful in determining career plans and gaining experiential knowledge in any field of study. The Career and Student Success Center (formerly known as ACE Career Center) holds internship orientations every first Thursday... Continue Reading →

Summer? Love?

By Shawneka Freeman How often were you told that you are too young to be in love? I know I am not the only young person who has heard this unwanted opinion before. I do not believe that we are too young. I believe that sometimes we may be too ambitious to be in love.... Continue Reading →

Motley Memories of an Irish Adventure

By Jennifer Ashwell Packing: A Necessary Less Evil Than You Think This past June, as long as I could complete my dreadful, last-minute packing, I would be able to visit Ireland, a life-long dream. Two Notre Dame faculty-members, Dr. O’Donovan and Ms. Finlayson, had organized and were leading a trip there. Awaiting me were the... Continue Reading →

Motley Memories of an Irish Adventure, Part 3

By Jennifer Ashwell Grander Than Expected Expectations can mirror reality, but because often they are pure fantasy I find it best to keep my heart muscle flexible. Before joining my school’s short-term study abroad trip to Ireland, I quickly associated the entire country with St. Patrick’s Day in the United States. Within seconds it would... Continue Reading →

Pacific Rim (Movie Review)

By Bria Scipio The film Pacific Rim shows a war between humans and monstrous creatures called “Kaiju”, or “strange beasts” in Japanese. To defend humanity, the government developed the production of giant robots called Jaegars, or “hunters” in German. This movie includes some linguistic elements, especially between the main characters Mako Mori, Raleigh Beckett, and... Continue Reading →

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