Class of 2013 Launches New Tradition of Senior Week

By Elena Wengert

The class of 2013 left 4701 North Charles Street in a groundbreaking way, by creating a brand new tradition that began on May 20th 2013, that of Senior Week here at Notre Dame of Maryland University. A tradition that other graduates across the country partake in every year to celebrate the four long years they spent together.

Trips to Ocean City, Hershey Park and a crab feast are just a few of the exciting events that many of NDMU’s seniors attended to make sure they finished their memorable last week together!

Even though after the commencement many would not be attending the same graduate schools, or working in the same careers, it seems as if the members of the class of 2013 will remember the four years they spent together as some of the greatest of their lives.

As many have explained, the last week they spent together with standout due to the reminiscing they partook in, and the overall grand idea that they executed themselves.

It is easy to say that the class of 2013 will be remembered as the class that began a tradition at Notre Dame.

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