How to Meditate in Seven Simple Steps

By Chauna Krauss

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” -Prince Gautama Siddharta

Meditation is necessary to balance the intellectual portion of your being and to bring a sense of peace to your mind. It acts as a remedy that relieves everyday stress and symptoms of anxiety, anger, and depression. It should be done at least once a day for about 10 to 20 minutes, even if you’re not experiencing a lot of stress.

1. Find a Quiet and Comfortable Place
Make sure that there are absolutely no interruptions or distractions such as TV’s or phones. Meditating in silence will benefit your focus and feel at peace in the moment. Sometimes, it’s favorable to have some type of soothing music playing at a low volume.

2. Sit with Good Posture
Good posture helps improve breathing techniques, blood circulation and spinal health. Also, make sure that the bottoms of your feet touch the floor beneath you completely. This helps you to feel more grounded and calm as the process begins.

3. Close Your Eyes and Clear Your Mind
Sometimes, it’s hard to focus even when your eyes are closed, but try your best to push out every other thought that is irrelevant to your mind and body in that moment.

4. Concentrate On Breathing
Take a deep breath, and while inhaling, feel the temperature of the air as it passes through your mouth and into your diaphragm. Imagine positive thoughts being absorbed through the inhalation. As you exhale, think of all the negative thoughts being let out of your system.

5. Use an Affirmation
In between breaths, it’s important say an affirmation, or an uplifting phrase or word, out loud to yourself. It brings a positive vibe to the atmosphere. These can range from phrases such as “I love myself” to “I am valuable” or anything that puts you in high spirits and positive thinking.

Repeat the phrase or word you have chosen until with end of the meditation.

6. Stay in Tune with Your Body
It’s crucial to pay attention to what your body is telling you. As the end of the meditation draws near, locate possible tension throughout your body. At this point, you should be relaxed enough to feel that tension slowly fade away as your breathing method continues. There most likely will be remaining tension, but it shouldn’t feel as intense as it was before.

7. Gradually Bring Yourself Back
After about ten minutes (or however long you would like to meditate), open your eyes and gradually come back to the room. Continue to pay attention to how your body is feeling. Stand up. It might be a good idea to smile because it will probably increase your happiness and peace with yourself.

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