Learn More about Landing the Perfect Internship

By Marguerite Linz

Are you currently looking for a way to boost your resume and gain experience while receiving class credits? Internships are helpful in determining career plans and gaining experiential knowledge in any field of study.

The Career and Student Success Center (formerly known as ACE Career Center) holds internship orientations every first Thursday of the month during activity period in Theresa Hall room 022.

The Career and Student Success Center offers students the chance to use their internships for 2-4 class credits based on the amount of time spent in the field according to Ms. Yanhua Li, Notre Dame’s Internship Coordinator.

The Internship Seminar is a unique program which involves both time in the classroom in addition to time in the field. During classroom time, students are encouraged to reflect back on what they have learned about the field as well as about themselves. There are both paid and unpaid internships, and the Career and Student Success Center can help find an internship that fits specifically to a student’s interests.

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