Orientation Offers Introduction to NDMU

By Elena Wengert

On Friday, June 28th 2013, a few more than 100 young women embarked onto a new journey at Notre Dame of Maryland University, a journey that began with the registering of classes, the meeting of classmates and the general wanting to know more.

With help from the Student Life Staff and this year’s Orientation Leaders, the new freshmen were able to discover their new home and freely ask as many questions along the way. By acting as a tour guide/concierge, the Orientation Leaders followed the new students every step of the way.

A few popular questions were asked to Orientation Leaders’ Lynette Hodge and Candace Wright and they included, “How’s the food?”, “How are the professors?”, and “What if I don’t have a roommate?” All of these questions were answered to the best of their ability, but as I was told by Hodge one event in particular brought even more candid questions.

This event was a sort of peer moment between Orientation Leaders and incoming freshmen, where the freshmen were able to open up more; they were able to ask the questions that their parents didn’t want them to ask, like the ever popular, “Are guys allowed to come over?” They were able to make a bond with their peers.

As well as making friends with their new peers, they also made friends with the peers that came in with them. Friendships were made and roommates were picked out, while the nervousness that came with them for that weekend event quietly made its exit during all the excitement and new beginnings.

All in all, the new students that will be attending Notre Dame of Maryland University in the fall have already shown the desire to become Notre Dame Women due to their enthusiastic spirit and questioning yet determined dispositions.

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