World War Z (Movie Review)

By Bria Scipio

World War ZThis movie is what would happen if Zombie Apocalypse 2012 had actually occurred. World War Z tells of a United Nations employee who travels the world in the race against time to stop the zombie epidemic from decimating humanity itself. The opening scene shows the different aspects of the world: humanity, animal kingdom, news reports, entertainment, etc. The zombies in the film resembled those from the movie 28 Days Later as they were created from a virus epidemic spreading across the nation. The audience could feel the emotions of unaffected civilians as they race to provide for their survival. The built-up tension and drama as each person turned against each other to protect themselves added to the ambiance of the film. One surprising scene was that a person was spared from the zombies due to their terminal diseases, which revealed a key turning point in the movie. Turns out it was the key to humanity’s survival. The ending was very powerful as it delivered the message that it wasn’t the end. The movie deserves at least a 4/5 for its universal message about war: that it can’t be stopped alone, but rather alongside others.

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