Notre Dame Day Celebrates Award Winners

By Machan Bowman

February 11 marked the annual Notre Dame Day, and by the looks of Doyle Dining Hall, almost all of the Notre Dame community came out to celebrate. The ceremony commemorated the university’s rich heritage and commended the academic, professional and extracurricular achievements of its students, faculty and staff.

Under the direction of Stephen Holmes, the NDMU Concert Choir kicked off the activities with a folk song. Senior Miya Kane delivered the welcome address. University President Joan Develin Coley presented Mary Alice Adams, of the Business Office, with the Distinguished Staff Award.

Then came a big surprise. Sr. Mary Roy Weiss, SSND, presented President Coley with the SSND Mission and Ministry Award. Coley was virtually speechless at receiving the honor.

The afternoon’s festivities continued with guest speaker, Alison Dray-Novey, professor of Asian studies, history, and political science, gave an inspirational speech addressing students and encouraging them to be fearless and inquisitive as they strive for academic excellence.

Dean Debra Franklin; Sharon Slear, SSND; and Dean Katie Cook presented awards for the dean’s list, departmental awards, and honor society inductees. Vice President of Student Life Rebecca Sawyer gave out service-learning awards and The Mary Ann O’Donnell Team Academic Achievement Award.

Coley delivered the closing remarks, sharing her feelings about her earlier award and the warm welcome from everyone during her term as interim president. With great emotion, she said, “In a sense, Notre Dame is home for each one of us…a place where you can be yourself, a place where you feel safe and secure, but also a place that challenges you.

“Home is a place where you are always welcome. I’ve only been with you since the middle of August, and now, I’m yours. Notre Dame is my home too now.”

Congratulations to all the awards recipients!

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