Build-A-Bear and money machine prove popular draws at Winterfest

By Tia Nichols

Every year, Notre Dame’s Campus Activities Board (also known as CAB) hosts Winterfest – a free indoor festival with a plethora of food and attractions.

Winterfest has a little bit of something for everyone. Visitors can get a henna tattoo, get a caricature drawn with a friend or take cute pictures in the photo booth. Other activities include playing laser tag in an inflatable spaceship, skating in a miniature ice rink or driving the bumper cars.

The miniature Build-A-Bear workshop proved one of this year’s more popular attractions. Guests could choose among a snow leopard, cat, tiger and a handful of other plush animals to stuff with cotton, name and take home. It was so popular that the line almost went outside of the gymnasium, but only 200 people would leave with a fluffy new companion that night.

Raffle winners this year won a turn in the “money machine,” wherein people stood inside a box while real and fake bills flew around. The goal was to grab as much real money as possible before time ran out. Some walked out with $2, while others walked out with $25.

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