Doyle Dining Hacks

Tired of the same old dining hall food? Check out these twists!

By Lillian Doyle

Food has the power to inspire sluggish college students, weighed down by their overpriced textbooks and existential stress. At Notre Dame, the Dining Hall is where that delicious resource lies. The Doyle Dining Hall is a central point on Notre Dame’s campus. Sage’s dining services have undergone several changes over the past few years. They’ve done their best to incorporate more dining options and even glamorous “Restaurant Nights.” However, we all know that students’ experiences at the dining hall are really what they make of it. Here are some recommendations from experienced seniors, based on their foraging experiences inside Doyle Dining Hall.

Shelby Walsh: Nursing’ 17
French Fry Connoisseur
“Start with a base of a ton of fries. The more different kinds, the better. Then, drench them in cheese. I recommend that you mosey over to the condiments and get sour cream. A good dollop goes a long way. Final step: bacon. Just a nice little sprinkle over the top. It’s great!”

Raven Chapin: Education ‘17
Anti-Dairy Advocate
“Use your resources. Utilize the salad bar, even if you don’t want a salad. I usually put some of the chopped veggies in my pasta instead of cheese sauce. I prefer hummus on my sandwiches instead of cheese.”

Rebecca Corun: Classics ‘17
Dessert Artist
“My greatest discovery is fairly simple. Sage always has cookies and ice cream for dessert. Why should we have to choose between them? I like to put them together to create an ice cream sandwich.”

Chauna Krauss: Liberal Arts ‘17
Resident Vegan
“I usually stick to steamed vegetables and hummus and soups. I’m not really into salad, but raw fruits and veggies are always beneficial. I tend to avoid anything that’s overly processed and oily. I try to eat foods that are closest to their natural form. Occasional tofu doesn’t hurt, either.”

Photo by Micah Castelo

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