Clothesline Project

By Rose Sebastian According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, at least twenty people per minute are abused by their significant other. In the span of one year, it would equate to ten million abused women and men. In order to address this issue, a small group of women, whom had experienced personal violence,... Continue Reading →

Le Garage Frites Shop

By Jessica Profilio Have you been craving fries, but fast food joints just aren’t cutting it? Maybe it’s time to head down to Le Garage Frites Shop in Hampden. The shop serves thick-cut French-Belgian fries with a wide variety of sauces for you to try out. They have sauces ranging from their house ketchup to... Continue Reading →

Taking it to the Streets: Science experts and enthusiasts organize in support of democratic and data-conscious policy

By Jae Bradley Every year, the United States celebrates Earth Day to commemorate the dawn of the modern environmental movement that began on April 22, 1970. This was a day when colleges and universities held rallies to emphasize the importance of environmentally-conscious industry and recreation. This year, concerned citizens plan to gather for a march... Continue Reading →

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