Le Garage Frites Shop

By Jessica Profilio

Have you been craving fries, but fast food joints just aren’t cutting it? Maybe it’s time to head down to Le Garage Frites Shop in Hampden. The shop serves thick-cut French-Belgian fries with a wide variety of sauces for you to try out. They have sauces ranging from their house ketchup to their spin on honey mustard and other unique flavors like rosemary garlic parmesan, so you can keep coming back to try them all! The fries come in a cone filled to the brim, making it easy and convenient to stroll the avenue with them. If you’d like to sit down, they have a few tables, inside or outside, so you can enjoy your fries with a bottled cream soda or any of the other drinks they offer. The frites shop doesn’t just have fries; they also have fried chicken, soups and sandwiches that you can try out. The shop is open from Thursday through Sunday, but if you find yourself craving more of their savory foods any other day of the week, you can head downstairs to their bar restaurant for a French-inspired meal. Make sure to stop by Le Garage Frites Shop for great affordable food that is sure to spice up your weekend dining!

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