The Hype of the Season : The NDMU Gators Lacrosse Team

By Gabrielle Barrett

Dynamic, exciting,teamwork, dedication! These are the perfect words to describe the NDMU Gators: Lacrosse team. If you have not gone to a game yet you should definitely come out and support them. After you see them play you will realize that its going to be an exciting season for the team this semester! The team consists of 16 players. All of them play their hearts out and stay focused no matter what.  Learning about some of the players is a great way to connect and support them, that being said, over the weekend I had the honor of interviewing two of the players, Kayla Becker and Deja Martin. They had lots of exciting and encouraging things to say. Kayla Becker, a sophomore on the team, feels “really confident about this season” this is because “Everybody is driven and wants to be the best that they can be”.  Deja Martin a soon to be graduating senior on the team told me that she is also “confident about the lacrosse season this year”. “We have a lot of strong returning players as well as strong new players, everybody is driven and wants to be the best that they can be”.

In order to be the best, and be a successful lacrosse athlete one must make sure that they practice and are in shape. Kayla makes sure she does an extra work out in the gym outside of group workouts. Deja plays field hockey in the fall to stay in shape. she runs campus loops and also goes to the gym. As you can see, these two players are dedicated members and really care for the well-being of their team.  As for advice and words of encouragement, Kayla wants her teammates to know that “just because we take a hit at times doesn’t mean we are defeated”.“ Together we can bounce back and grow to become stronger.”

Deja wants her teammates to know that” we have the potential to do anything that we want- sometimes we make mistakes and it’s okay because we learned from them and they make us better players in order for us to win we have to want it, and want it more than the teams that we are playing”. As we close off this section for sports, remember teamwork makes the dream work so don’t forget to support our lacrosse team by coming to their games.

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