Black Anxiety in Academia: How the pressure of avoiding stereotypes is harming young Black students in the U.S.

By Jae Bradley IMPOSTOR SYNDROME is a term that describes a deeply-ingrained propensity to see one’s achievements or status as luck or deceit, rather than a meaningful reflection of skill and persistence. It is a phenomenon often associated with women, particularly in the context of the workforce. However, the impostor syndrome concept could also easily... Continue Reading →

Calling the Shots: NDMU’s School of Pharmacy takes the lead in educating the community about immunizations and vaccinations

By Ariyen Barkzai With the return of the flu season, Notre Dame of Maryland’s School of Pharmacy has been active in the field of vaccinations and immunizations. Since the start of this fall, the SOP has been participating in on and off-cam­pus activities including a flu clinic and Project Homeless Connect where they not only... Continue Reading →

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