Ready for Winter Break: NDMU Students look forward to life after finals

By Jessie Profilio

With the fall semester quickly coming to an end, Notre Dame students are busy studying for finals and making plans for the winter break. Throughout campus, students are signing up for their spring classes, but just what is everyone doing this holiday season while we’re away?

Many students are planning to go home for the holidays. Domonikue Covington, a junior international business major, has plans with her family for the holidays, saying she is going back home to Arizona over break. However, she plans on staying ahead with her classes by taking some online courses while she is back at home.

Other students have family coming to visit, like Katherine Martinez, a sophomore English and Spanish double major. Martinez also says that, despite not actively planning it, she’ll have to balance work with relaxation over break, ensuring that she still has the time to sit down and read some new novels.

Other break plans include working toward spring semester, like Camyll Long, a freshman nursing major who plans to go to Deep Creek with her family this holiday. Long says that while she wants to watch Netflix and relax this break, she knows she needs to prepare for her upcoming spring courses.

While work is on everyone’s mind this break, trying to stay ahead for spring semester, everyone still has hopes for some fun and relaxation. Savanna Tolson, a junior English and education major, has plans to attend the London trip with the English department this January and doing lots of Christmas shopping for family until then.

So, no matter what your plans are, whether you’re working or traveling home or abroad, just try to get some rest and have some fun before the spring semester begins. And, most importantly, make sure to enjoy the holiday season with your friends and family!

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