No Experience Necessary

Carefree dancing with Notre Dame’s On Pointe

By Alexis Stevenson


If you love dancing recreationally without the stress of being judged, then On Pointe may be the club for you! On Pointe is Notre Dame’s newest dance club, open to experienced and novice dancers alike.

The club’s president Alex Mumma, a sophomore elementary education major, founded the organization last fall semester in the hope of providing students with the opportunity to utilize dance as a form of expression and relaxation. Mumma states, “We want people to realize that dance is something that everyone can do and have fun with.”
On Pointe members explore many styles of dance, including an emphasis on tango and jazz this semester. Last semester, the club covered the basics of lyrical, ballet, and contemporary dance.


“I enjoyed the contemporary dance night because it made me feel like a real dancer,” expresses Lucy Polvinale, a freshman nursing major and a loyal member of On Pointe.
Similarly, newcomer Hannah Campbell, a freshman chemistry/pre-pharmacy major, enjoys the judgement-free zone and the space to relieve stress. “I have zero dancing skills so I just want to try to improve myself,” she says. “I also don’t mind looking like a fool and making people laugh.”

Every semester, On Pointe travels to the Hampden Family Center in Baltimore to teach dance to children in the afterschool program. With her existing connections to the organization through the Bonner Leaders afterschool program, Mumma reached out to Assistant Program Director Becky Rawle along with On Pointe’s executive board to organize this biannual event.

This semester, the event will take place on March 15. The objective of this project is to allow children to fall in love with not just dance, but with the arts as a whole.

“The kids were happy to jump around and have fun. They really liked freeze dance,” Mumma recalls. Additionally, the partnership encourages members to see more of the Baltimore community outside of campus.

If you’re interested in fun, relaxation, and volunteering, then come and join On Pointe every Tuesday in the MBK Dance Studio from 7-8 p.m. Who knows—maybe you’ll discover a passion for dancing!


Photos by Syd Gettier

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