Athletes Become LGBTQ+ Allies

By Sara Few This year, NCAA Division III devised with the Division III LGBTQ OneTeam Program to educate all DIII student-athletes about LGBTQ inclusion in college athletics. The program strove to teach athletes the correct terminology with a better understanding of the LGBTQ+ community. In August, NCAA LGBTQ+ working group started the initiative to improve... Continue Reading →

Motivational Speaker Discusses Athletic Inclusion

By Victoria Olatunji Social justice educator and motivational speaker, Jen Fry, delivered a presentation on the intersection of fundamental social justice issues and athletics. A veteran volleyball coach and a Division II athlete turned social justice educator, Fry realized the need for educating not only student-athletes of all ages, but the staff, administration, and coaches... Continue Reading →

Campus Community Mourns Loss of Student

By Taylor Bynion The NDMU campus community suffered the tragic loss of student, friend, peer, and classmate, nursing major Amayah Charles. Charles, known for her tremendous personality and infectious smile, tragically passed away in a car accident. Members of the community gathered together on Tuesday, October 15, to honor Charles’s life in a campus wide... Continue Reading →

Global Students Diversify Campus

By Taylor Bynion In the undergraduate women’s college, 3 percent of the student body is comprised of international students from Albania, Argentina, Barbados, Cameron, Cote D’Ivoire, Egypt, El Salvador, Great Britain, Honduras, Mali, Philippines, and Sudan, according to the school’s website. These international students, such as sophomore biology major Isa Dallasta, chose to travel to... Continue Reading →

Yearly Community Day Unites Campus

By Kristina Pickering Every year, the NDMU community comes together to celebrate the foundation by the School Sisters of Notre Dame while also engaging the community with varying issues that face our society. This year, the campus community attended a presentation by Sister Eileen Riley who has worked closely with the United Nations. In her... Continue Reading →

Freedom of Speech Proves Essential

By Kristina Pickering When did this generation lose its freedom? There is a claim that this generation has information teeming from its fingertips. This information is taken in, absorbed, and recited word for word or from a passionate heart with misconstrued ideas and fallacies from either lack of information or ignorance to the real world.... Continue Reading →

Baltimore Celebrates Latino Culture with Parade

By Makeima Freeland Baltimore hosts several parades throughout the year including the St. Patrick Parade, Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade, and a Greek Independence Day Parade. However, for the first time in Baltimore’s history, the city hosted a parade for the Latinx Nations. Baltimore’s Latinx community is was celebrated in the form of a parade... Continue Reading →

Common Read Author Sparks Discussion

By Ciarese De Torres For this year’s Common Read, students were asked to read “Tell Me How it Ends: An Essay in Forty Questions” by Valeria Luiselli. The book centers on Luiselli’s accounts of Mexican and Central-American children and their struggles crossing the U.S.-Mexico border without papers. Luiselli came to the Common Read event to... Continue Reading →

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