Freedom of Speech Proves Essential

By Kristina Pickering

When did this generation lose its freedom? There is a claim that this generation has information teeming from its fingertips. This information is taken in, absorbed, and recited word for word or from a passionate heart with misconstrued ideas and fallacies from either lack of information or ignorance to the real world.

The misconception of “free speech” lies in the government. The constitution granted US citizens the ability to speak their mind, pray to whom they believe, and assemble when necessary without limits from Congress.

Due to today’s multitude of interpretations of the constitution, a plague has drifted into the mind of its people.

The generation before us saw the upcoming threat, but were not threatened themselves, leaving us susceptible if not properly educated.

Who has given the people in these facilities the right and the power to institute their own ideas on their legacies? The answer is free speech.

The irony of the situation is in the argument that free speech and the First Amendment should be taken away. However, those who argue this point use the First Amendment to express their points, without considering the hypocrisy they spew.

This trend not only occurs in the physical world, but has seeped into the digital world. Social media has been exploited, run and influenced by one party for majority of its existence. There are limits, regulations, and guidelines that the people must abide by and take into consideration when posting, liking, or commenting.

If an institution does not approve of what is being said, it is taken down, discarded, and reputations tarnished. Is the First Amendment followed in the previous example? The answer is- yes. The same concept applies, those who limit others online use free speech to enforce their ideologies.

Socialism is coming to a head, but is that really a good thing? Is it necessary for all people to have the same ideas and beliefs as those around them? Is that what the United States was supposed to become when it was founded over 240 years ago?

The Constitution had been written and ratified to give certain unalienable rights to its citizens. If it is taken away, how are we to be the free country we promote we are to the world?

This article, for example, exercises the right to free speech and follows the ideas of the First Amendment. There is no political bias, and no beliefs have been talked about that align with any personal beliefs. This article’s purpose was to invoke thought and educate this generation on what occurs daily.

This serves as a wake-up call to this generation to pay more attention to what is going on in our government and what will affect us in our future. Take it for face value or for what you want to believe, hopefully it is a wakeup call and a reminder of rights.
There should be no limitation on free speech and this point should be made known. Question what rights you truly possess and what is currently being challenged.

Freedom of speech
Students should not be hesitant to take advantage of their right to free speech. This right is given to citizens through the Constitution.

Photo Courtesy of PhotosForClass

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