Makeima’s Meditations: Work Smarter not Harder

By Makeima Freeland

Managing Editor, Makeima Freeland, turns the tables and writes a letter from the editor in Makeima’s Meditations.

Last school, I can honestly say that I have never ever worked so hard for my education. I found out about my astounding work ethic matched with an immense amount of energy to give my all into my education.

For example, when I came to study here, I was ready to work hard. I acquired two planners to keep up with my schedule and homework. I isolated myself so that I could study and complete all of my assignments on time. I also sacrificed sleep.

However, looking back, I was able to recognize that even though I accomplished a lot my first year, I didn’t have to sacrifice as much sleep as I was.

I began to work smarter, taking care of myself and pacing better to get my work done while staying healthy, instead of working harder.

It’s all about limiting the amount of unnecessary stress that you put on yourself.
It began when I clearly realized how I could not control the future, other people’s actions, the economy or the environment, and other variables of life.

It gave me a reason, instead, to focus on systems, all of the parts I can control. After I focused on systems, my life became easier.

I began to accept life as what I made it out to be, including the ups and downs that are out of my control. It forced me to only live my life day by day without giving too much thought to the future.

I dwelled on the verse “Sufficient to the day is the trouble thereof”, meaning, everyday has its own troubles.

Whatever you are stressing about, if it is in the future, don’t stress and simply focus on getting through today.

Every day has its own problems so we should deal with them in order. That’s how you work smarter, not harder.


Letter From The Editor

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