Morrissy Honors College Plans Trip to Italy

By Hermoine Riggs

In Italy, it is expected to eat a sweet breakfast, stop and talk to known individuals, and greet visitors with two kisses on the cheek, according to Forbes Magazine.

While Italy may be known for these things, the country will also welcome NDMU students who will explore the country’s history. Members of the Morrissy honor’s program will be going to Italy in January 2020 for a study abroad trip.

This study abroad trip to Italy replaced the previous honors trip to Japan. The Morrisey Honors program traveled to Japan and participated in an exchange program where the studetns from Japan would then visit NDMU.

Students going on this year’s trip to Italy will be visiting specific parts of Rome and surrounding areas to learn about the past empire. Students will be seeing famous ancient ruins such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. They will also take part in other tourist aspects of Italy, such as eating authentic gelato.

Classical studies professor, Sister Therese Dougherty, will be guiding these students through Italy and teaching them about the history. As a teacher in classical studies, she will be able to teach these students about istory and culture.

While this is the first time that the Morrissy students will be going on this trip, this will not be the first time that Dougherty has gone to Rome.

Morrissy was able to sponsor five students to go on the trip. This has allowed more people to experience the world outside of America.

NDMU’s mission focuses on creating leaders to transform the world. By sponsoring students to go to Italy, Morrissy has helped carry out this tradition.

Allowing students to explore another country builds leadership skills that are important to many individuals. Personally attending the event, Morrissy student and buisness major senior Jessie Willinghan acknowledges how this trip can benefit future leaders. “Each trip [with Morrissy] has allowed me to expand my horizons as a scholar, and as an individual,” she said.

In her application to apply for the trip, Willinghan expressed her excitment that she wil be able to travel to Italy. “Knowing so much about Italian culture and economics, the chance to actually go to Italy would without a doubt augment my learning through first-person experience,” she wrote.

The Morrissy honor’s college originally traveled to Japan on a study abroad trip. The location of the trip has changed to Italy.

Photo Courtesy of PhotosForClass

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