Yearly Community Day Unites Campus

By Kristina Pickering

Every year, the NDMU community comes together to celebrate the foundation by the School Sisters of Notre Dame while also engaging the community with varying issues that face our society.

This year, the campus community attended a presentation by Sister Eileen Riley who has worked closely with the United Nations. In her presentation she discussed how there are seventeen different areas being covered and discussed in the UN that range from poverty to gender equality and environmental care. She emphasized the importance of taking care of our Earth so that it does not perish, encouraging youth to step up and join the crusade. Her presentation connected to the theme for community day this year, “Building Inclusive and Sustainable Communities.”

Later, individual sessions added to this idea of connections. By having sessions that focused on what communities mean to society today allowed students to communicate with each other and form bonds.

Some of these sessions included “Imprisonment and Women’s Health: Implementing Healthcare Equity” led by Jennifer Kerr and Hajlyn Davis as well as “Is Call Out/Cancel Culture Morally Acceptable?” led by the Ethics Bowl Team. Challenges such as- LGBTQ identification, women’s reproductive rights, how to build effective relationships with others, and what equal rights were all brought up and shared.

The day concluded with celebrating the accomplishments of various community members. Students from all classes ranging from freshman to senior, were in attendance of this year’s Honor Convocation.

Students were honored with awards or congratulations for grades, awards, service, or participation in honor societies.

Freshman Chasidy Hart enjoyed participating in the Honors Convocation. “Participating in the Honors Convocation showed me how much that I could be accomplishing. It reminded me how much I wanted to reach my personal goals,” Hart said.

While Honors Convocation is important to students, community day is special to different students in various ways. “Going to community day is a good way to catch up on current events and catch up on new things that affect our community,” sophomore Angelica Medina said.

Agreeing with Medina, sophomore Nemah Saeed sees community day in the same light. “I think community day opened my eyes to a wider area of issues that are only solvable when we come together,” she said.

Community Day
Community Day speaker, Sister Eileen Riley, presents. Several sessions were held after her presentation.

Photo By Taylor Bynion

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