Baltimore Group Combats Violence with Ceasefire

By Lindsey Pytrykow

As Baltimore is often characterized by a city filled with robbery, drug activity, and, most prominently, murder.

One way that the citizens of Baltimore began to combat the city’s murder rate was by creating the Baltimore Ceasefire. The staff at The Black Media Authority elude that August of 2017, is when this idea was officially formed.

The short-term goal of this group is to enforce a no killing law for at least 72 hours. To implement this, every few months the Baltimore Ceasefire group bands together for a weekend to advocate for less violence. Fox45 News reported that, over the first weekend of November, this association incorporated performances, face painting, and games to draw notice to their event.

Having this allowed the occasion to be more inviting and inclusive of the residents.
“There has been an average 52% reduction in shootings on Ceasefire weekends,” according to the Baltimore Sun. The ceasefire proves to be effective, at least for the 72 hours that it is going on.

While this group calls to attention a significant issue, there were some negative events that happened surrounding this movement.

On the first weekend of November, this organization went to the streets of Baltimore. During this time, a shooting occurred, which ultimately led to multiple injuries and one death.

According to WBALTV, this was a shock to their core, yet the group became unified to celebrate the lives of those they have lost.

This phenomenon created a ripple effect throughout the city of Baltimore. The Baltimore Sun shares that there are sites called “Safe Streets of Baltimore.” This focuses on interceding in arguments before it advances to a deadly issue.

In order to do this, this operation utilizes rehabilitated criminals, that are known in the area, to spread the idea of peacefully solving a quarrel instead of turning to violence. This then led to citizens cleaning the streets, repainting buildings, and even creating recreational sports teams.

Although the ceasefire group only meets four times a year, they get together the first weekend of February, May, August, and November. Besides joining this association, one can advocate and inform others of ways to have safer streets.

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ceasefire 2.png
A group of individuals meet four times every year in attempts to stop murder in Baltimore. There is less murder during their events.

Photo Courtesy of baltimorefishbowl

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