Suspicious Individuals Found on Campus

By Taylor Bynion

Within the month of Nov., there were two suspicious male individuals spotted on campus, according to campus Public Safety.

On Nov. 7, the NDMU community was alerted via email that there was a homeless man using campus facilities overnight and in the early morning hours.

“Public Safety has conducted a full sweep of campus and have not detected any spaces outside of the lower level of MBK as being utilized,” the email read.

While these were the only two areas on campus being used, public safety still warned the community to “be vigilant.”

Although the man was not considered to be a threat, Public Safety did not want anyone directly approaching the individual.

Providing a brief description of the man, Public Safety alerted the community that they contacted “Baltimore’s Catholic Charities for guidance and supplying him with tools and a pathway for permanent shelter,” they said.

Later, on Nov. 20, the community received another email from Public Safety announcing another intruder on campus.

This man was seen on the first floor of Knott Science building in the women’s restroom.
Upon a female student’s entrance into the restroom, the man fled the scene and ran toward the Loyola campus.

Before he made his way across the campus, the student noticed that he was holding a camera under the bathroom stall, seemingly filming the individual using the restroom.
Public Safety was notified, and “full scale search for subject by NDMU P.S, Loyola University and Baltimore Police Department (BPD)” began shortly after according to the email alert.

On both occasions, NDMU has filed reports and have acknowledged to the work and partnership with the BPD.

While grateful for the help of the BPD and the vigilance of Public Safety, some students remain shaken by both incidences.

One such student, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed her uneasiness with going to school in Baltimore. “It’s easy to forget that you go to school in a city of crime because the direct area is so nice,” she said. “But the reality is that I always lock my doors and watch my back, especially with the incidents that just happened on campus.”

suspicious activity 1
This man was seen in the women’s first floor restroom in Knott Hall. He quickly fled the scene.
suspicious activity 2
Public Safety released this picture of a homeless man believed to be living on campus.

Photos Courtesy of Public Safety


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