Food Fight! Who Takes the Cake?

By Nyjah Chaney

Food is a necessity for all. However, the options on campus are limited to Gator Grind and the cafe.

For many of us, those two options, along with the Ramen and Cup Noodles in our dorm rooms, make up most of our dining experiences.

However, I have a few recommendations to give you better, and affordable, options.
The front desk of Doyle Hall gives you three options for delivery. The first is a restaurant called Stokos, the second is The Royal Seafood & Pizza, and the third is a Chinese food restaurant called King Wok.

Since they are advertised on campus often, I know many of the students have ordered food from those places.

However, if you and your friend are in for a food adventure, there are quite a few spots with great food that can bring forth the opportunities for great new memories.

Harford road has plenty of places to get good food for good prices. There is Belvedere Towers Cafe that has a delicious burger combo, pizza and wings, naan, and vegetable pakora.


Further down the road is a food market with plenty of options. Belvedere Square has everything from ice-cream, pizza, bagels, ramen, and a plant bar just to name a few. 

Two of my favorites are the Pizza Trust and Ejji Ramen. The food is great and it gives you a relaxed coffee shop feel as you wait for your food.

Next, there is a place in Hamilton Park Shopping Center that sells Chinese food named China Ex. I’ve eaten here for years and the food is always great!


There are also some places located on Loch Raven and Taylor Avenue. There is a Quiznos, El Gran Pollo, Burger King, America’s Best Wings, and IHOP.

While some of these places may be a bit more expensive but, the food is still tasty.
Further up on Putty Hill Avenue is a Red Robin, Sushi Ichiban, Gino’s Burgers & Chicken, as well as a subway in Towson Place.


Although the places mentioned above may be my favorites, there are also a few honorable mentions on Northern Parkway.

There is a well-known place called Valentino’s which is very popular and expensive. A few stores down is a restaurant titled Natasha’s Just Brittle which I can say has some of the best soul food I’ve eaten from a restaurant.

Additionally, for the seafood lovers, across the street is a place called Angel’s Seafood. They sell seafood as well as pizza. This is another one of my personal favorites as I enjoy seafood. This restaurant has crabs that cost between 1 to 3 dollars.

Despite only having two options on campus, with many dining options around campus, there are many restaurants worth trying. So, enjoy these places and enjoy the new memories to come.

With many restaurant options around Baltimore, read to see what location is the winner winner, chicken dinner!

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