Man killed over Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

By Makeima Freeland

After searching, the police have identified the man they were searching for in the killing of a Popeyes customer who was fatally stabbed after reportedly cutting the line for one of the Popeye’s chicken sandwiches.

Investigators said that 30-year-old Ricoh McClain, of District Heights, was charged in a warrant with first and second-degree murder for the murder of Kevin Tyrell Davis, who was 28.

The stabbing occurred after Davis allegedly cut in line.

Davis was killed the night of Nov. 4 at a Popeyes in Oxon Hill, Md., police said, the day after the company began reselling the sandwich that developed a viral following this past summer.

There was camera footage of Davis “systematically” cutting the chicken sandwich line at the restaurant. When Davis approached the front counter, the cameras showed him encountering another customer. He was confronted by the customer before the argument spilled out into the parking lot, where Davis was stabbed once in the upper body.

The day after this killing, police released surveillance images showing the accusee and a woman who was with him at the time. The killing came about in front of many people in this restaurant, including young children.

The two men didn’t know each other before the incident, and many could not believe the fight was over a chicken sandwich.

In a statement Popeyes released after the killing, the company said it was “very sad to hear about the tragedy in Maryland.”

“Our thoughts are with the victim’s family and friends. and we are fully cooperating with local authorities,” the statement read.

The sandwich had many fans and sell-outs when it was first introduced in August. Customers waited hours in line, they backed up drive-thrus, and threatened restaurant employees.

Police asked anyone with information about McClain’s whereabouts to contact them at 301-772-4925.

After its initial introduction in August, Popeyes chicken sandwich resulted in a killing in Nov. Suspected of cutting in line, Kevin Tyrell Davis was stabbed.

Photo Courtesy of The Baltimore Sun

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