Students Visit New Orleans at Honors Conference

By Kristina Pickering

One of the highest honors a student in the honors program can have is the chance to attend and/or present at the National Collegiate Honors Conference.

For over 53 years, this institution has hosted a multitude of conferences all around the United States in hopes of showing the newest research, ideas, and proposals undergraduate honors students are pursuing.

During the second week of November, eight students along with four teachers had the opportunity to attend this years’ conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Students’ topics varied from economics to biological research to social norms and barriers. The conference itself lasted four days, from Thursday to Sunday, displaying a variety of research with various activities and sessions.

During this time, Biology major, Keira Mull, won first place in her poster division.
Many professors attended programs that they saw beneficial such as “Trans and Non-Binary Experiences and Issues Related in Honors” and “Experience of the Beautiful: Disrupting Education by Integrating the Arts into and Across Your Honors Courses and Programs.”

Students, however, could attend sessions such as “Improv for Anxiety” and “Idea Exchange.”

When not in sessions, programs were provided for students that included an open mic, dance party, and Mardi Gras parade.

Not only was the conference centered around academics, it spread culturally to allow the experience of the culture and cuisine of the city.

When not at the conference, students were able to explore and walk around the city, with time to bond between Morrissy students.

New Orleans.jpg
Members of the Morrissy Honors Program experience New Orleans culture during their honors conference. Eight students participated in the event.

Photo Courtesy of Kristina Pickering

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