Bynion’s Opinion: Policy on Politics

By Taylor Bynion Editor-in-Chief, Taylor Bynion, turns the tables and writes a letter from the editor in Bynion’s Opinion. The latest poll is in: I know nothing about politics. Well, not nothing, but not enough to form a firm opinion. As college students, we are constantly encouraged to vote, educate ourselves about current events, and... Continue Reading →

Basketball team finds success on court

By Sara Few Gators Basketball has gone above and beyond expectations this season. They were voted to finish No. 3 in the CSAC, but achieved a 17-7 record with one more game against College of St. Elizabeth before the CSAC Playoffs. Sophomore center Daija Fitchett leads the Gators in rebounds with 245 rebounds, averaging 11.7... Continue Reading →

Tracking down a new head coach

By Taylor Bynion Senior Karelly Sanchez meets in the team room with sprinters, long distance runners, and throwers. Each member of the team, including newly-elected team captain, Sanchez, are excited for the new track and field season. On Friday, Feb. 2, Athletic Director Renee Bostic met with the track and field team to announce a... Continue Reading →

Is there room where you want to board?

By Kristina Pickering and Kaitlyn Angell Is life in Doyle Hall for you? By Kristina Pickering Calling all residents! Students in Meletia, ever wonder what life in Doyle is like? Doyle Hall is fairly quite, and residents tend to reserve our time for studying, and when we can, some good relaxation. Doyle is a building... Continue Reading →

Healthcare event helps students

By Ciarese De Torres This year commemorates the third annual Women’s Healthcare Workshop hosted by the Commuters United, a commuter-led SGA organization formerly known as Road Scholars. During this service event, both residents and commuters alike come to Gator Alley, where they can freely discuss feminine health care problems and decorate boxes called Menstruation Stations.... Continue Reading →

Students dress to impress with new suit closet

By Mylaika Stephenson The Career Center is opening a Suit Closet that will allow Women’s College students to rent new business attire for free. When students are entering the working field for the first-time job interviews can be nerve-racking. The Career Center wanted to create a resource that helps to relieve the stress of formal... Continue Reading →

Gender-neural bathrooms added on campus

By Lindsey Pytrykow Gender-neutral bathrooms have been a national and local discussion for years. While this concept is controversial to a number of people, NDMU has instituted numerous gender-inclusive restrooms. WMAR, Baltimore News, reported that in 2014, Maryland passed an act to prevent discrimination against someone due to gender identity. This act, known as Fairness... Continue Reading →

Sanders campaign yields highest monthly fundraising

By Taylor Marshall Latest Democratic frontrunner, Senator Bernie Sanders, announced a massive $25 million fundraising total for January according to an announcement on Twitter. Sanders, the frontrunner according to a Quinnipac Poll, raised the most money by any candidate in a single month within this election cycle. This figure surpasses the campaign’s totals from the... Continue Reading →

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