Bynion’s Opinion: Policy on Politics

By Taylor Bynion

Editor-in-Chief, Taylor Bynion, turns the tables and writes a letter from the editor in Bynion’s Opinion.

The latest poll is in: I know nothing about politics.

Well, not nothing, but not enough to form a firm opinion. As college students, we are constantly encouraged to vote, educate ourselves about current events, and take a stance to change our world.

However, how can we change our world when we are constantly bombarded by various opinions and inaccurate information? How can we form our own political opinions if we don’t understand the implications of current legislation?

Its no secret that I love journalism. I am the Editor-in-Chief of the paper, after all. Yet, I find myself reading newspaper articles from multiple sources in attempts to find the unbiased truth within the slanted facts presented by different news sources.

With political leanings, its hard to believe that Fox News is really “fair and balanced” and that CNN can be the “most trusted name in news.”

Despite these slogans, politically leaning news sources have the ability to manipulate statistics and present factual information in a biased way.

As a college student, that makes it increasingly difficult, and time consuming, to gain the true facts and the whole story so that we can form our own political opinions.

Throw in viewpoints from professors, parents, and peers and you have a lot of confusion without a lot of clarity. We hear so many different opinions every day, it can be difficult to drown out the other voices and focus on our own beliefs and our own perspectives.

It can also be increasingly difficult to go against the crowd, expressing that you feel differently about a political issue than a friend or peer.

However, according to Inside Higher Ed, college students should be “reading news sources regularly, talking about politics and participating actively in democratic processes” in order to become an active member in the world we live in.

Concurring with this, I find it is essential to educate ourselves and form our own political opinions.

Don’t just take what another individual, or even news source, at face value. Become an informed voter and change the world the way you want to.

Letter From The Editor
Editor-in-Chief, Taylor Bynion, turns the tables and writes a letter from the editor in Bynion’s Opinion.

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