Give us credit! NDMU should allow a 19 credit option

By Hermoine Riggs

At this time, students at NDMU are guaranteed 12-18 credits as included in tuition.

Due to many different factors, students should be allowed 19 credits instead of only 18.

Many students who are nursing and biology majors have to take classes with labs.

This would require them to have a four credit class which limits them to a maximum of 16 credits without going over the limit.

If they were to have 19 credits, this would allow them to take an extra three credit course.

Participation in another three credit course would allow students to complete more general education requirements and other necessary courses.

Not only would they be able to take more of their general requirement courses, but they could also take a course necessary for their major.

When talking to the business office, they said that often one credit classes can be waived if the student goes over 18 credits.

Many students do not know that they can have the credit waived for a one credit class.
In order to achieve another credit approval, a student must go to their academic adviser and discuss the option first.

With this strictness, students can be deterred from taking any extra credits, impacting their schedule later in their college career.

Additionally, only allowing 18 credits does not only impact science majors. All majors in the undergraduate women’s college require students to take at least one science credit.

The School of Education, for example, requires students to take three science classes with labs. One is required as a general education class while two others are required for an Education major.

Once again, this requires students to take only 16 credits for three semesters, making it more difficult to complete every credit required.

One elementary education major, sophomore Emma Jordan, notes that displacing the credit to later in college may impact when a student can graduate.

“I think the university should offer a 19 credit option free of charge because not everyone can afford staying at college for an extra semester or year to complete their studies,” Jordan said.

Jordan, a student who has completed 19 credits in a semester in the past, believes the benefits for 19 credits are numerous.

“It can also help student athletes catch up on their off-season,” she said.

Additionally, by having a 19 credit option available, this would avoid the stress of having to waive the extra credit and allow more students as a whole to take an extra class.

Because, in most cases, their is a fee to take an additional credit, NDMU should extend the included credit limit to 19 credits. This would alleviate stress and extra cost from students taking a required science course. As this is required for all students, extending the credit limit would prove beneficial.

After speaking with the business office, they offered to take the idea to the Board and the head of the business office to see what could happen.

In the next few semesters we may be able to have our 19 credits.

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NDMU only allows students to take 18 credits before students must pay an additional fee. This is inconvenient to students who need additional credits for their major.

Photo By Taylor Bynion

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