Students dress to impress with new suit closet

By Mylaika Stephenson

The Career Center is opening a Suit Closet that will allow Women’s College students to rent new business attire for free.

When students are entering the working field for the first-time job interviews can be nerve-racking.

The Career Center wanted to create a resource that helps to relieve the stress of formal dress.

The new Suit Closet, known as the NDMYou Suit Closet, officially opened in Feb.
The grand opening began with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 12:30p.m.

The Suit Closet will be permanently located on the second floor of Theresa Hall room 122.

Dr. Suzan Harkness is the associate vice president for academic affairs who pioneered the closet. The vision of the Suit Closet was to resemble somewhat of a boutique.

One outfit, from the brand Calvin Klein, includes a black blazer, off-white sleeveless blouse, pencil skirt, or dress pants.

These high-quality outfits required $5000 of fundraising.

As of now, the Suit Closet has raised almost fifty percent of its goal.
The NDMYou Suit Closet was specifically designed to equip students with appropriate business attire. It will also be used to encourage students to take advantage of the other resources the Career center has to offer.

“We spend a lot of time preparing our students to understand the nuances of their academic major, what jobs and careers align to their preparedness and how to navigate putting their skills and education on a resume,” Dr. Harkness said within the press release of the Suit closet. The closet will function as a library for clothes.

A student is required to fill out a form and then she will be allowed to borrow the full suit for seven days.

The center is hoping to raise awareness of the suit closet through their social media account, press release, university communications video, and word of mouth.

In addition to the new closet, the Career Center will continue to “provide expert guidance, timely resources, and career development to assist our students and alumni in achieving their career goals and becoming transformational leaders,” according to

Students, like sophomore Miranda Tipton, are looking forward to the new closet and resources in the center.

“The Career Center on campus is a great resource, and the new suit closet will be a great addition for students who need an outfit for an interview,” she said. “It’s something I’d look into using myself.”

career center
The career center on campus recently opened a new suit closet for students. The grand opening was met with a ribbon cutting.

Photo By Mylaika Stephenson

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