Tracking down a new head coach

By Taylor Bynion

Senior Karelly Sanchez meets in the team room with sprinters, long distance runners, and throwers. Each member of the team, including newly-elected team captain, Sanchez, are excited for the new track and field season.

On Friday, Feb. 2, Athletic Director Renee Bostic met with the track and field team to announce a new change in the coaching staff.

Bostic, joined by former track and field head coach Patrick Donohue announced that a new coach would take over to lead the team.

While Donohue would stay as an assistant member of the coaching staff, new coach, Rose Shanely, would take over as the new head of the team.

With many years of experience, Shanley is looking forward to working with the unique athletes on the team.

“This is my first time coaching college athletes. Coming from almost a decade of coaching high school, I welcome the change of pace,” she said.

Sanchez, a sprinter, who has been a member of the team since its founding last year, is also looking forward to working with Shanley.

“Working with a new coach has been different, but we are all adjusting. It seems like she has our best interest in mind and we are excited to get to know her better,” she said.

In addition to new head coach Shanley and now-assistant coach Donohue, the team also welcomes new assistant coach John Caslin.

Caslin, like Shanley, has had years of experience, coaching track and field throughout his career.

In the past, Caslin coached high school track and field, and most recently, worked as the track and field coach at Goucher College.

With three new coaches dedicated to helping the team succeed, memebers of the team are hopeful for a successful season.

“I am excied for the new opportunity to learn more. I am ready for a great season,” sophomore sprinter Oumou Sall said.

While the coaching staff may look different than the previous year, each coach has a unique role to help the team excel.

“I hope this season we can continue to grow in numbers and ability,” Shanley said. “Coach Donohue did a great job starting this program last year, and I would very much like to continue on a similar path. It’s a small team, but the talent and commitment is there to keep building and growing.”

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