Coronavirus Ends Senior Year Early

By Kathleen Malone

Senior biology major Lacey Leschefsky had her semester cut short by the coronavirus. Leschefsky is the President of Omega Phi Alpha and currently works at American Eagle Outfitters.

 “Corona has made this last semester turn stressful and sad by not being able to go to school or work,” Leschefsky said. “Not being able to experience any of my ‘lasts’ has been really sad and hard to process. Not walking across the stage at commencement will be the most upsetting part, though.” 

Because classes were moved to online a few days before spring break, students and teachers had the break to prepare for all of the changes. 

However, seniors like Leschefsky feel that not having a lot of time to prepare for online classes has made the online course adjustment difficult. She now feels like she has even more coursework than she did before. 

“I’m immunocompromised, so the idea of getting the coronavirus is really scary and a possibility. Quarantine is depressing and it’s been a stressful time and we aren’t even at the peak of it yet,” Leschefshy said about her life during the virus outbreak.

Leschefshy believes that this is a tough time for all students. “It is hard not being able to see friends, loved ones, or even doing our daily activities.” The virus has taken a toll on college students, especially seniors. 

Conona Ended my senior year
Lacey Leschefsky is one senior who had their final semester of college cut short. All students moved to online classes following spring break.

Photo Courtesy of Lacey Leschefsky

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