Tik Tok App Entertains During Quarantine

By Kiyah Rogers

Covid-19 impacts individuals in different ways. It has ended the semester for college students, eliminated prom for juniors, impacted graduation for seniors, and led to the deaths of thousands of people. 

Despite these impacts, people are also doing things such as making masks, and donating food, money, and other resources to potential Covid-19 support groups and centers. These programs can counteract the true impact that COVID. 

Residents worldwide are participating in virtual summits and conferences to discuss how the communities will be able to contribute to keeping down public distress. During Covid-19, people are moving two different ways. 

Some are complying with Gov. Hogan’s mandates while others disobey the executive orders. 

Artists like Tory Lanez, are holding virtual parties and jam sessions to help relieve the stress that Corona has put everyone in. Others are entertaining themselves in their homes through an app called Tik Tok. Users create video content that may involve them dancing, singing, joking, sharing stories, and doing other activities. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Tik Tok has been ranked as the third most frequently used and downloaded app. According to an article in The Guardian, “Memes aside, TikTok is taking proactive measures to educate people about the spread of the virus, at a time when many major social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, are pushing back against the spread of misinformation.” 

tik tok
Nurses at Mercy Hospital use Tik Tok for entertainment to keep the spirits of others high during Covid-19. Tik Tok has been ranked the third most frequently used and downloaded app.

Photo Courtesy Good Morning America

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