Dating at a Distance

By Kathleen Malone

Jake Oliver and his girlfriend Kate have been together for six and a half months. They had their first date in October of 2019 and started dating that November. From watching Raven’s games, going out to dinner every week, and hanging out and watching Netflix, they spent almost every day together. They were inseparable. 

When the Coronavirus first became a serious problem in the United States, Jake and Kate had just celebrated her birthday. 

Jake is three years older than Kate, so they were excited to celebrate at restaurants together. After a few weeks, the couple’s parents told them they had to quarantine away from each other for an uncertain amount of time. 

“The quarantine has definitely been challenging and a learning experience for both of us. We spent so much time together for so long that not being able to see each other and spend time together like we used to, has definitely put some tension and strain on our relationship, ” Jake said. 

Both Jake and Kate’s parents allow them to see each other “in person,” but at a distance of six feet apart. “We maybe get to see each other once or twice a week if we are lucky,” he said. 

“On the days we can’t see each other, we still make as much time as we can for one another. We talk on the phone every single morning. Even if we aren’t even saying anything, it is still nice to know the other is there. We also text and FaceTime, so we are still able to see each other without actually being together,” Jake said. 

Jake and Kate know that their relationship is strong enough to withstand the quarantine but, “what makes it all worth [it] is knowing we love each other, and we’re gonna be okay no matter how long this lasts.” 

dating at a distance
Couples, like Jake Oliver and Kate, experience new challenges dating during the Coronavirus quarantine. This graphic of Jake and Kate was taken at his birthday party before social distancing. 

Photo Courtesy of Kathleen Malone


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