Pandemic Passtimes

By Galilea Escobedo

While some states have begun lifting the restriction on stay-at-home orders, many NDMU students live in Maryland. Many companies have begun providing free services for users abiding to the lockdown measures. These things range from workout classes to meditation, to free tutoring services. Below a list has been compiled on what things are available and some binge-worthy shows available on streaming services. 


30 Rock: This modern spin-off of Saturday Night Live (SNL), follows the life of screenwriter Liz Lemon on her transition into her 40s through the seven seasons. 

Last Man on Earth: In 2022 no more humans live on Earth follows the journey of Phil Miller, a sad and lonely former bank employee as he travels North America in search of another survivor. 

Curb your Enthusiasm: If you liked Seinfeld, Larry Davis takes his co-creation into play by the day to day life’s journey of little annoyances. 


Love is Blind: Is this modern-day romance? Can you really fall in love with the sound of someone’s voice and their personality? Are looks really everything? This Netflix original follows the journey of singles in finding love. 

Baby: The classic double life show of Chiara by day a student at Rome’s most prestigious school by night a party animal? Who is the real Chiara and what led her to play the game? 

You: How far can you go for love? Is all forgiven in the game of love? Joe Golderg would do anything to find his soulmate, this modern-day love story is really eye-opening on dating in the 21st century.  

Money Heist: A criminal mastermind plans to pull off the biggest heist in history by printing billions of euros in Spain. The show follows the Professor and his 8 recruits to develop the skills to pull off this heist. 

Schitt’s Creek: This sitcom shows the fall of the wealthy family after being implicated in a tax fraud and moving to the middle of the Road Town. The series follows the journey of the Rose family in finding their fit in Schitt’s Creek. 

Elite: The clash between the wealthy students of Spain elite high school and the scholarship students maneuvering the unsolved murder happening that seem to touch everyone’s life.  

Atypical: This heartfelt comedy follows Sam, who is on the spectrum, as he manages to try to live a normal high school career while dealing with his autism into adulthood. 

Dexter: Dexter Morgan is a serial killer, guilty of hundreds of Miami’s murders. Why hasn’t he been caught? An expert for the Miami Police Department, Dexter is living a double life trying not to get caught and dance around his guilt. 


Orange Theory:  this full-body workout is updated daily and a great way to get the endorphins going. (Orangetheory) 

Outdoor Voices: Austin based recreational store, takes the United States by storm and is providing the free workout stores in clothes via their online platforms on Instagram (@Outdoorvoices) 

Chloe Ting: Free two week for abs will surely leave anyone tired and shredded within two weeks, right in time for the summer! 


Down Dog: This app is free for the next two months and provides personalized yoga workouts and meditations to build mindfulness and take deep breaths during this suffocating time. 

Buzzfeed: This entertaining website provides quizzes and videos for everyone’s interest. 

what to do during covid
During the stay-at-home order, companies provide services to keep individuals engaged and occupied. With workout services to offering binge-worthy shows, there are many ways to stay busy during quarantine.

Photo By Taylor Bynion

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