Zooming to Normalcy for Students

By Liz Shin COVID-19 started spring break early for students. Following spring break, students shifted to an online format not returning to campus. Increasing COVID-19 cases in Maryland were the cause of the shift for NDMU students and faculty for safety precautions. To stay connected, many classes have been using a video chat platform, Zoom,... Continue Reading →

Scientists Work on Coronavirus Vaccine

By Chelsea Boyd As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak rages on, one question still looms over everyone’s head: what if a vaccine is never made? At the moment, scientists are claiming a vaccine could be ready as soon as September. Sarah Gilbert, professor of vaccinology at Oxford University, told The Times she was “80 percent confident” that the vaccine being... Continue Reading →

Parkville Community Copes with Pandemic

By Nyjah Chaney Ecliff Wardlow, an OR Technician and member of the Parkville community, has been active in the community for a year in a half. Those that live in the area were no strangers and always willing to help. “I remember when the family suffered a big loss, the neighbors like to help out... Continue Reading →

Residents Vacate Campus

By Liz Shin When the semester is over or students are graduating, residents move off campus. Due to the increase of COVID-19 death tolls in the United States, resident students had to move out earlier than expected, as the university took precautions to put all their staff, faculty and students’ health as a priority.  “I... Continue Reading →

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