Zooming to Normalcy for Students

By Liz Shin

COVID-19 started spring break early for students. Following spring break, students shifted to an online format not returning to campus. Increasing COVID-19 cases in Maryland were the cause of the shift for NDMU students and faculty for safety precautions. To stay connected, many classes have been using a video chat platform, Zoom, to be the new classroom setting.

On top of the new format, some students are juggling schoolwork, house chores and family members as new roommates. “To be completely honest, it’s really stressful in the house,” junior business major Nisbah Rana said. 

Other students are experiencing similar concerns. “We’re all trying to get along and stay out of each other’s way,” junior liberal arts major, Kieala Brown said.

Students like Brown, also had to acquire temporary wifi. To access her classes, Brown uses a  portable Wi-Fi hotspot from her local library, which only lasts her three weeks.

Despite conflicts with internet access, Brown still praises the features of screen sharing, notifications for class meetings, and the video conferencing. “Professors go over material and talk to us like it’s a regular face-to-face meeting,” Brown said.

Set times on video meetings are, just one of the hurdles to get over on Zoom meetings. “three or four people [talk] at the same time” Rana said.

“My connection goes in and out,” Brown said. With unstable internet connection, screen share is often unclear and does not allow the person sharing the screen to see everyone in class. Overall, while Zoom is suitable at its core, there are some complications that present challenges when in an online learning environment.

Although social distancing and quarantine itself has brought new challenges, students stay connected through Zoom. 

Zoom Video Communications logo and features. This software provides video meetings, schedules and chat options for optimal class environment online.

Photo Courtesy of Zoom

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