Parkville Community Copes with Pandemic

By Nyjah Chaney

Ecliff Wardlow, an OR Technician and member of the Parkville community, has been active in the community for a year in a half. Those that live in the area were no strangers and always willing to help. “I remember when the family suffered a big loss, the neighbors like to help out with the small things. One time they mowed our lawn for us, and it was greatly appreciated” he said.

From what Wardlow has seen, the area is filled with “hardworking people and unique families.” Prior to the pandemic, he said that his connection to his community was “average.” He knows a few neighbors and “smiles and waves at familiar faces” he notices at the grocery stores. 

To exercise during his busy schedule, he often rides his bike around the area, exploring what he hasn’t seen. Doing so, he saw people in the community doing typical activities such as “walking their dogs, gardening, and jogging,” he said. 

Now that COVID-19 has everyone social distancing, things in his community are different. “Things have changed,” he said. Due to the state mandate, individuals must practice social distancing and wear masks.

“You hardly ever see people in the area. When I do see them maybe walking their dogs, I make sure to ask them how they are holding up and how they are feeling,” Wardlow said. 

In order to stay active in the community and help protect elderly family members from contracting the virus, Wardlow works to keep his family safe. “They are lucky enough to have their children and grandkids check up on them and bring them things. So my family knows they are taken care of,” he said. 

Ecliff Wardlow pictured in his custom face mask. Wardlow is a member of the Parkville community.

Photo Courtesy of Ecliff Wardlow




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