Celebrating a Birthday in Quarantine

By Nyjah Chaney

Quarantining can’t stop a celebration. Many people are using the online application Zoom to celebrate together. Some have even stopped by and stood outside of their families’ homes to show them love on their special day. 

Carol Wills, a mother of three and a grandmother of six, recently celebrated her birthday. “Usually I’d cook some food and have a dinner party with my family for my birthday,” Wills said.

She celebrated her birthday at home, resting before going to work. “I wish I could have seen everyone, but at least we are all still here and healthy,” she said.

She woke up on her birthday to phone calls and text messages from loved ones. She also a video of her grandson singing how much he loved her.

Another grandchild surprised her with a visit and gave her a painting of her and all six of her grandchildren. “I finally got the family portrait I always wanted. It’s just missing my boys,” she said. 

While this year posed a different celebration, “it still feels like a regular day because family makes [me] feel loved and special everyday,” she said.

She may not have had a cake or her traditional birthday dinner, but she still enjoyed the day and cherished the gifts she got. “It was a nice surprise, the painting. My grandson sent me the video of him singing with the painting as the background, and then my granddaughter came over with the actual painting.” 

Despite social distancing, individuals are coming up with new ways to celebrate birthdays. Carol Wills’s family made phone calls and sent text messages to commemorate her birthday this year.

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images/iStockphoto

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