COVID-19 Affects Working Students

By Liz Shin

Four weeks into the COVID-19 quarantine that started spring break, students adapted to complete this semester. Some students also have a part-time or a full-time job.

As COVID-19 spread in the United States, many became unemployed. As the unemployment rate for college graduates are at 2.0 percent this year.

Non-essential workplaces shut down from Governor Hogan’s executive order, along with a “stay at home” order and a curfew. Junior liberal arts major Coty Rock is one student abiding by the executive order while stile upholding a job. 

Rock works at Charlestown Retirement Community as a member of the wait staff and as a server. “It was a little hard balancing classes and my job at first,” Rock said. Before COVID-19, Rock had a schedule to stay organized and complete assignments ahead of time to avoid any tardiness.

During the coronavirus outbreak, Rock seems to be handling her work and online schedule gracefully with much optimism. “So far so good,” she said. “Some professors have understood my situation and are more flexible with due dates while others seem pretty harsh.” 

Although the school community moved forward with online learning students like Rock balance both work and school. “[It] is taking some getting used to,” Rock said.

student worker
Coty Rock is one of many who work while being a full-time student. She strives to balance both school and work during a pandemic.

Photo Courtesy of Coty Rock

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