Stress Less During Social Distancing

By Tynasia Southerland

Have you been stressed out since schools transitioned online? Not being able to visit the nail and hair salon or get a good night’s sleep can make someone feel insane. Don’t worry – here are some tricks and tips that can be used at home to bring out your inner corona beauty.

An Egg-cellent Face Mask 

The face is the first thing people see; it is how we express who we are. Yet, the face can also be our worst enemy when it comes to acne and oily skin. Here’s a trick for your oily or dry skin. 

Take one egg from the carton. Crack the egg into a bowl and beat it until it is completely mixed. For those who need moisture, use only the egg whites, otherwise use the entire egg. Apply the beaten egg to your face and relax for 30 minutes. In the meantime, read a book in a quiet area. After the time is up, rinse with cool water. Your face should be oil-free and beautiful.

There’s No Place Like Om 

In order for the body to function properly, it needs food, water, and 8 hours of sleep. With corona keeping us all inside, however, some of us are not sleeping because we have to watch the next season of our favorite shows on Netflix. Instead of watching Netflix, maybe doing yoga would be a better idea. 

Yoga can become your everyday stress reliever. Whether you are stressed from school, work, or just the stay-at-home order, your body should not feel overwhelmed. Practicing yoga for at least thirty minutes every day, or whenever you can, is guaranteed to not only bring down your stress levels but also help with balancing the body, unsteady sleep patterns, and throbbing body aches.

Find an open area in your home. Grab a yoga mat or something similar, like a small rug or carpet. Place your mat on the floor and spread it out completely, removing your shoes.  If you haven’t done yoga before, there are loads of tutorials on YouTube. Practice yoga for approximately 30 minutes before bed to relax the body. Sometimes, calm music can help, too. Once your 30 minutes are complete, roll your mat up and store it for your next session. Your body should feel as good as new.

Baby Oil Bubble-Bath 

Is your skin dry and in need of some moisture? Well, here is a trick that is both relaxing and a remedy for dry skin. Plus, who doesn’t love a warm bath with sweet-scented bubbles? 

Begin to run your bathwater. Once the water is high enough to cover the foot, add in some iodized salt right from the kitchen. Bye-bye overly expensive Epsom salt. Then, pour two cups of baby oil into the water. Add other items like baking soda, a teabag, or oatmeal. *Salt: helps with odor and muscle tension. Baby oil: moistures the skin. Baking soda: neutralizes the body helps, removes germs, and aids in healing. Teabag: calms the nerves, helps with sweating out toxins, and stimulates circulation, and rejuvenating the skin. Other items can be added into the bath such as milk or honey. 

Finally, add in your favorite bubble bath. Relax in the tub while watching your favorite show, reading, or listening to music. Once you’re out and dry, your skin should be as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Glamor Glitter nails 

Not being able to go to the nail salon for a mani-pedi can be a real bummer. Try this trick at home for nails that sparkle. 

If you currently have polish one, take some cotton pads and soak them with acetone or nail polish remover. Leave one pad on each toe and wrap the toes in aluminum foil. Prop your feet up on something and let the foil sit for 15 minutes. While your feet are propped, submerge your fingernails in acetone or nail polish remover for the same amount of time or as long as needed (the same process done for feet can be used for hands, but may require assistance). 

Once the polish can be wiped off hands and feet, run some warm bathwater. Submerge the feet for 5-10 minutes. Pat the feet dry and grab your chosen nail polish and some glitter. Don’t forget to lotion the hands and feet with your favorite lotion. File the nails down to the desired shape and length. Pour the nail polish onto a paper plate and mix it with glitter. Paint your nails and toes. Use an LED nail dryer or let air dry. Those nails will sparkle like stars in the sky. 


Stress takes a toll on the brain.
Social distancing and quarantine can be stressful. Try these tips and tricks to make your coronavirus blues go away. 

Photo Courtesy of NPR

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