Mass Vaccination Site Established in Baltimore

By Ashanti Glover

A new vaccination center opened in Baltimore. As of Friday, February 5, the Baltimore Convention Center’s Field Hospital began to administer COVID vaccinations.

Although appointments are limited, this larger facility will help vaccinate more people. According to state data, 600,000 out of 900,000 available doses have been given.

“These sites will promote equitable access to vaccines by supplementing the sites operated by local health departments, hospitals, pharmacies, and other local partners,” Dennis R. Schrader, acting state health secretary, said.

Denise DeFour, a Howard County Public School special needs educator, was able to get her first round of the Pfizer vaccination at the Baltimore Convention Center site. The appointment was scheduled online. When she arrived, she was checked in and directed where to go.

After about an hour wait, she was vaccinated and given an appointment to return for her second dose. When asked if she would recommend this location to other teachers DeFour said “Yes, the process was smooth. There were staff in place to direct you from one station to the next. They were very friendly, professional, accommodating, and sanitary.”

The current processes at the field hospital are running smoothly except for people not getting an appointment confirmation. DeFour was informed that they are aware of the situation and are working to have it fixed.   

As phase II of the vaccinations continues, it remains to be seen if Schrader’s statement is true. There is a strong speculation that those who are getting their initial doses of the vaccination may not be able to receive their second dose due to lack of supply.

Maryland officials plan to establish a central scheduling site and call center for the mass vaccination sites. With these facilities’ distribution of vaccinations should be accurately tracked.

For additional information on requesting an appointment for vaccination at the Baltimore Convention Center visit Baltimore Convention Center Field Hospital.

The Baltimore Convention Center’s Field Hospital opened as a COVID vaccination center on Friday, February 5. This is meant to be a mass site to administer more vaccinations with a large facility.

Photo Courtesy of University of Maryland Medical Center

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