Athletes Miss Sports During Pandemic

By Troi Beckett

The coronavirus pandemic has devastated many collegiate sporting events. NDMU is one of many colleges that halted sports over the past year.  Many student athletes continue to deal with the disappointment of cancelled sports seasons.

“Senior year is so different without sports and in person classes,” said Adrianna Fletcher, a special education major. “COVID has not ruined my athletic life, but it has brought me down a bit. As of right now, soccer may or may not have workouts, but basketball is completely cancelled.”

Fletcher also says that she wishes that she could have played basketball her senior year with her best friend. “I will miss the thrill of being on the court, the cheering, and the bomb from the basketball team.”

Other NDMU students-athletes expressed their fears due to athletes on other teams not following proper rules and protocols. Moreover, many NDMU student-athletes are currently out-of-state at home.

Jaylah Lewis is an athlete at NDMU known for her speed and love for basketball and softball. “At first basketball was supposed to start in January, but they ended up cancelling. Softball is supposed to begin on time, but we are not sure if we can even have a season due to COVID. COVID has ruined my athletic school year because not only have I been unable to play my sport, the gyms were closed for a long time and are now reopening. I feel like I am not on track like I am used to says,” Lewis said.

As seen with many other student athletes, Lewis and Fletcher enjoy their sports and interacting with their teams. Due to COVID, this lack of ability to play the sport is difficult for athletes.

Many college athletes express sadness after sacrificing various sports seasons due to COVID-19 protocells. Adrianna Fletcher (left) and Jaylah Lewis (right) are two student athletes that miss participating in their sports.

Photo Courtesy of Adrianna Fisher and Jaylah Lewis

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