Student Organizations Adapt to Online Format

By Mylaika Stephenson

The student led organizations at NDMU are having to adapt to these unprecedented times. Most organizations have been holding remote events through Zoom. A few student-led organizations gave insight on what it has been like for them to plan events and manage their organizations virtually.

The university’s Tutoring Services Coordinator, Yishka Chin, explained how moving from face-to-face to online has been a smooth transition for the most part. Tutors and tutees have taken well to online learning. However, there are sometimes inevitable technical difficulties that need to be worked through.

Chin also stated what has been challenging to manage their organization online. “It has been difficult to not get ‘zoomed’ out as they call it. Balancing the time spent online and finding time to self-care. It is also a challenge getting students to attend workshop because they spend a lot of time doing classes remote, sometimes it’s hard to catch them.” Though it is difficult to get participation for the workshops, students have been more responsive and communicative. The center has not held any socially distanced or in person events. This hasn’t affected the level of student participation, because, according to Chin, it fluctuates.

The Civera Gallery at NDMU showcases student artwork. They explained that transitioning online has benefited the gallery is several ways. The artwork is now uploaded to a website where anyone can view the online gallery.

“This has allowed students to show their friends and family their work without having to physically travel to the Civera Gallery. Additionally, we have held zoom gallery openings which has been beneficial to attract more people to view artwork and provide a platform to speak about their work from anywhere.”

Participation in Civera Gallery events has actually increased since becoming remote. Virtual shows have allowed an unlimited about of pieces for the gallery. This results in more students being able to share their work to the NDMU community.

There are many more clubs and organizations that are operating remotely. For those interested in attending and showing support there is a list at the end of the article.

More information on these organizations can be found at:

African-Caribbean Student Association (ACSA)

American Association of University Women

Bethel Campus Fellowship

Business and Economics Society (BES)

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Class Councils

Columns Newspaper

Commuters United

Concert Choir – just performed virtually at the NDMU Day

Gator Spirit Squad

Hispanic Culture Club

Honor Board

Muslim Student Association

Omega Phi Alpha (OPA)

The Planeteers

Pre-Pharmacy Club


Psychology Club

Rae of Sunshine

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)


Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

Student Government Association (SGA)

Student Representative to the Board of Trustees

United Nations Club

As academics transitioned to an online platform, various clubs and organizations have also adapted to the virtual atmosphere. Although there are difficulties with the switch, moderators find positives to online events.

Photo Courtesy of CAB

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