Baltimore National Aquarium Operates During Pandemic

By Troi Beckett

March 2020 changed everything in the world when many businesses began to shut down due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Many workers lost their jobs, crowds began to decrease, and places shut down. The Baltimore Aquarium was one of these businesses. The aquarium closed in March 2020 and did not reopen until July 2020, resulting in layoffs for several employees.

“When we reopened, there were a lot of college students coming into the aquarium. There were also a lot of young adults coming into the aquarium. Many younger age groups became restless at home so they are coming to the aquarium more,” Malik Beckett an employee at the Baltimore National Aquarium said. “Moms, Dads, and kids come many times a week and it is usually in the morning or evening. I think this is because a lot of parents are working from home more due to the pandemic.”  

Due to the pandemic, many people fear going to places that may be crowded Their goal is to keep their staff and customers healthy, comfortable, and safe. “I think the guests feel safe. Our staff is sure to enforce masks and social distancing. I have had many guests come up to me and tell me that they are enjoying their time at the aquarium and they will be back,” Beckett said.

He also said that crowds are slowly but surely increases because people are feeling more comfortable. “Our staff is provided with three masks total. All of them match our uniforms and have our aquarium logo on them to make it much easier to recognize who is and is not staff.”

The Baltimore National Aquarium is back open and welcoming many guests in.

In March, 2020, the Baltimore National Aquarium closed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Despite the necessity to mitigate costs, the aquarium is back open for business.

Photos By: Troi Beckett and Malik Beckett respectively

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