Women’s Basketball Hungry for a Great Season

By Troi Beckett

Senior Story

Because of the implications from the coronavirus, many student athletes who started as freshmen or sophomores are now at the end of their college years. The basketball team, for example, finds many of its athletes in this position. The women’s basketball team captain, Daija Fitchett, is now a senior, and she takes pride in all of the work and dedication her team has put in.

“I am looking forward to the grind and finishing what we started,” says Fitchett. As team captain she has seen the team grow over the years and progress despite hurdles from the pandemic. Fitchett is a forward (post player), and she has great skill and focus.

Fitchett mentioned how much she appreciates her coaches and their support. “I have gotten this far because I am able to have them to guide me both on and off of the court,” she said. Fitchett knows that her team has been successful because they have great coaches guiding them along the way. Fitchett says her coaches never judge her and that she can come to them about almost everything, which is what gets her through life both on and off the court.

Coming back to school and getting everything back to normal was a task for all students, including athletes adjusting to their new normal. Fitchett is grateful that this is not the end for her even though she is a senior. She will be playing again next year as a graduate student.

Fitchett looks forward to more wins and appreciates all the lessons and struggles she has encountered. She appreciates NDMU for giving her an education, helping her grow as a person, and allowing her to grow as an athlete in spite of the pandemic.

Fearless Freshmen

Freshman year is the year to explore and find unique interests. This is no problem for the freshmen on the basketball team. They have their eyes are on a championship ring, starting the season by showing that they are hungry and ready to give their all.

Alexis Durham is a freshman who plays as point guard on the basketball team. She is ready for the rest of the season because “your attitude is everything,” she said. With dreams to win a championship ring, Durham enjoys the unity and chemistry on her team. “Our basketball team has so much chemistry both on and off the court” says Durham. Durham looks forward to becoming an even better player and team member as she goes through her undergraduate college career.

Bethani Newbold is another freshman who plays as a guard for the basketball team. She cannot wait for her team to do their best and become stronger mentally and grow. “I look forward to making an impact on my community” Newbold, who is excited to work with others, said. Building relationships is something that Newbold has had the privilege of doing since starting college, where she feels forever grateful for joining the basketball team.

Members of the basketball team gather for practice. Although basketball was affected by the pandemic as many other sports, players remain optimistic about the season.

Photo by Troi Beckett

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