Communication Arts Department Welcomes New Chairman

By: Mylaika Stephenson

The communication arts department is facing exciting new changes. Dr. Pam O’ Brien, Dean for the School of Arts, Sciences, and Business, has brought in a former colleague who she worked with at Bowie State University. Professor Kendrick Kenney is the communication arts department’s new chairperson. He began the position of chairperson this 2021-2022 school year.

Kenney has future plans for the department to help it reach new heights. His former role was the program coordinator of the digital media production program at CCBC. Kenney helped to establish and grow the young program before joining the NDMU community. He has a similar agenda for the communication arts department. Kenney wants to impact the department in a way that will increase networking which will lead to new internship destinations. He also plans to increase enrollment in the department, host professional workshops, and promote student engagement with the student radio and television stations. Teaching as an assistant professor at the university also allows him to get to know some of the students in his department closely.

As a child, Kenney found the production of music videos to be fascinating. The chair stated, “I was into the production of it. I was into the camera movement, the lighting, and realized this is something that I want to be able to do.”

He turned this interest he had into a passionate career. Kenney began his studies at Virginia State University and graduated with his undergraduate degree in organizational communications. As a former athlete, in college, Kenney used his skills of videography to bridge his love for sports and production. That was his introduction to sports broadcasting. “Sports broadcasting opened up other opportunities,” said Kenney. With his experience, Kenney encourages students to do three things as an undergrad in college. “You need to use resources, create networks, and create a cohort,” he said.

Kenney will be advising students with communication arts as their major or minor. When considering a collegiate communications path, Kenney is eager to help students. “You could do marketing, or public relations, or journalism, or video production, and more. There are many different nuances. But it’s really about exposure and talking to people” he said.

Kenney is bringing a wide variety of experience and insight into the department. With his leadership, there is new energy and approach to the communication arts department while continuing to produce profound young communications professionals.

The communication arts department received a new chairperson, Professor Kendrick Kenney. Kenney is looking to use his expertise to teach courses and advise students with communications major or minor.

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