Nursing Majors: Tips for Success

By Lanna Green & Merrissa Stevenson

Notre Dame of Maryland University nursing program is ranked #7 out of 27 other nursing schools here in Maryland. Some may ask, what does attending a high expectation school like NDMU require from me as a student? We’re here to provide some entry level tips to properly prepare incoming nursing majors to be successful during their time in the nursing program.

  • Look into the nursing curriculum: during your first year, it’s best to do your own research.
    • Get a feel of what classes you will be taking next. When it comes to science courses, make sure you actually pay attention and take good notes. You’ll need them.
    • Introduce yourself to nursing professors and get familiar with your nursing cohort.
    • Identify possible conflicts with your own study habits and note-taking skills, as when the nursing courses start, it might be harder to find time to understand your studying needs.
  • Look into possible hospital, clinic, and nursing home jobs, as this can help you network better for scholarships, and possible CNA and nursing jobs.
  • Become familiar with different nursing resource, such as:
    • Simple Nursing
    • RegisteredNurseRN
    • Level Up RN
    • Sometimes these resources can help you more than your professors.

Expectations during the summer before junior year

Towards the end of spring semester during the sophomore year, a few requirements will be given and are due in early July. It is important to save enough money, as a few of them are costly, and to prepare wisely as it can be difficult to find open time to complete the vaccine and physical requirements – especially if you are working or have other responsibilities. During this time, you will also be required to purchase scrubs and course textbooks which also can be costly. Expect to spend roughly $1600 dollars on the requirements – not including the CPR class and different vaccines and updates. Requirements include:

  • Drug test
  • Background checks
  • Different vaccine shots and updates
  • CPR certification (cannot be expired or expire during the school year)
  • Yearly physical exam

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