Is Feminism Failing Women of Color?

WOW panelists take a look at one of feminism’s biggest issues By Sarah Coleman Notre Dame of Maryland hosted the second day of the Women of the World (WOW) Festival. WOW celebrates women as a force for positive change and examines the barriers women face. The festival was diverse and inclusive; it included panels, discussions,... Continue Reading →

Dr. Wakoh hopes to expand worldviews

By Kaitlin Airey As an assistant professor of comparative religion and religious dialog, Dr. Wakoh Shannon Hickey makes it a goal to teach people who come to her with different views and show them that the world is not just black and white. Dr. Wakoh, as she is known to students, joined the Religious Studies... Continue Reading →

One Direction: This Is Us (Review)

By Claire Amatucci One Direction: This Is Us may not convert the whole population into “Directioners,” but it certainly does do its very best. Who would have thought that the same man who warned us about the dangers of Big Macs would be promoting a boy band? Morgan Spurlock (the veteran documentarian who has done... Continue Reading →

The 1975 (Music Review)

By Claire Amatucci From the mystifying intro (“The 1975”) to the slow, quiet conclusion (“Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You”), The 1975’s debut album pulls you into their black-and-white world of mystery, love, sex and troubled youth. The Manchester England quartet (Matthew Healy-vocals; guitar-Adam Hann-guitar; George Daniel-drums; Ross MacDonald-bass) had been noticed in the... Continue Reading →

Five Tips for a Better College Experience

By Tia Nichols 1. Nobody Can Read Your Mind Not a lot of people realize how important communication is. If you’re struggling in class, let your professors know. If a friend says/does something that upsets you, let them know. Speaking up can be nerve-wracking sometimes, but it’s better than ignoring a situation entirely and having... Continue Reading →

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