Number of Coronavirus Cases Climbs

By Kiyah Rogers The coronavirus, known as COVID-19, is increasing on a daily basis. The data from the number of confirmed coronaviruses is released around 10 a.m. by the Maryland Department of Health. According to WBALTV, as of Wednesday, April 8, there are a total number of 5,529 confirmed cases, 124 deaths, and 1,210 hospitalizations.... Continue Reading →

Dating at a Distance

By Kathleen Malone Jake Oliver and his girlfriend Kate have been together for six and a half months. They had their first date in October of 2019 and started dating that November. From watching Raven’s games, going out to dinner every week, and hanging out and watching Netflix, they spent almost every day together. They... Continue Reading →

New Symptoms Found with Coronavirus

By Tynasia Southerland In 2019, the Coronavirus came to America from China. It is difficult to tell when someone has the virus because the symptoms may not appear immediately.  The The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has advised people to wear masks and gloves and to refrain from touching their faces. Citizens are also asked... Continue Reading →

Tik Tok App Entertains During Quarantine

By Kiyah Rogers Covid-19 impacts individuals in different ways. It has ended the semester for college students, eliminated prom for juniors, impacted graduation for seniors, and led to the deaths of thousands of people.  Despite these impacts, people are also doing things such as making masks, and donating food, money, and other resources to potential... Continue Reading →

Gov. Hogan Issues Shelter-in-Place Order for Maryland

By Chelsea Boyd On March 30, Governor Larry Hogan declared an Executive Order which calls for all Marylanders to shelter-in-place except for “essential personnel” to curb the spread of COVID-19.  Hogan explained during his COVID-19 Announcement that the bill will prohibit “large gatherings and events and closing senior centers, and all non-essential businesses and other... Continue Reading →

Colleagues Connect During Pandemic

By Kathleen Malone The NDMU campus has been closed for almost a month. Many students are attending online classes via Zoom. However, NDMU is not alone in the shift to online-only interactions. Faculty and staff are having meetings, lunch hours, and even casual chats on Zoom.  The department of Institutional Advancement has been meeting via... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Impact on Essential Workers

By Nyjah Chaney While some individuals are self-quarantined in their homes to avoid the spread of COVID-19, others must still go to work every morning. The term for people working during the pandemic is “essential workers.” According to, a few essential workers can be identified as “private and public healthcare workers, law enforcement, public... Continue Reading →

Crime Rates Change with COVID-19

By Tynasia Southerland Baltimore, a city that is known for its high crime rates, has finally met its match. COVID-19 seems to be the only thing capable of lowering crime in Baltimore.  The coronavirus is a pandemic outbreak that is contagious, outrageous, and the cause of quarantine. This virus has resulted in 138 deaths in... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus Ends Senior Year Early

By Kathleen Malone Senior biology major Lacey Leschefsky had her semester cut short by the coronavirus. Leschefsky is the President of Omega Phi Alpha and currently works at American Eagle Outfitters.  “Corona has made this last semester turn stressful and sad by not being able to go to school or work,” Leschefsky said. “Not being... Continue Reading →

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