Got Ramen?

An NDMU 100 class plans a ramen food pantry for Notre Dame’s commuter students By Micah Castelo Are you a hungry and broke commuter student? If so, then you’re in luck—this semester, an NDMU 100 class is starting a food pantry for commuter students who can’t always afford to have a meal. With the closing […]

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Health at Notre Dame

An examination of Notre Dame’s health services By Sarah Coleman Notre Dame of Maryland University provides a sector of health services that increase student wellness, giving students mental health and disability services. However, many feel that the university is lacking in physical health services. Currently, Notre Dame does not have a health facility on campus. […]

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The Cost of Winterim

Tuition fees prevent students from enrolling in courses this semester By April Payes-Nascimento As the fall semester comes to a close, registration for the winter and spring semester has begun. However, something major changed this year: winter semester classes will include separate tuition fees. Typically, the winter semester (or Winterim) starts right after New Year’s […]

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Voting at Notre Dame

By Domonikue Covington “If you don’t do politics, politics will do you.” A method to avoid this is voting. Although voting is considered a hallmark of democracy and a guaranteed right by US citizens, most voters tend to be apathetic with low voter turnout.  The current political election is memorable yet uncertain, causing many to […]

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Be Breast Aware

By Ter’race Blake In observance of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is very important that we make sure our breast health is taken into consideration as we live our day to day life. Here are five tips that you can use throughout the day, week and month to keep your breast health in […]

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